Permissions and Terms

  1. The researcher will be contacted and informed of the acceptance or rejection of the research for publication within one month from the date of receiving the research after it has been reviewed by three referees selected by the Editor-in-Chief confidentially without mentioning the researcher's name during the review process. If there are any formal or substantial modifications required, the researcher will be informed by the journal.
  2. In case of any linguistic errors in the research, the research will be returned to the researcher for linguistic and grammatical proofreading before publication.
  3. All opinions expressed in the research represent the scientific and personal views of the researcher and do not necessarily reflect the orientations and opinions of the journal.
  4. The researcher provides a written undertaking stating:
    • That the research has not been taken from a thesis or a university dissertation that does not belong to him/her.
    • That all participating researchers have their intellectual and research rights in the research.
    • Non-objection of the participating researchers, if any, to the publication of the research in (Tasneem International Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Law).
    • That the research does not infringe upon the rights of social categories, sects, denominations, and minority groups.
    • The percentage of research extraction does not exceed 20%. The journal will contact the researcher if the percentage exceeds the specified limit.
    • That the research has not been previously published or submitted to any other journal for publication.
    • That the intellectual and research ownership belongs to the researcher and the participating researchers (if any).
    • That the researcher bears legal accountability in case of any scientific theft.
    • That all opinions expressed in the research are scientific and personal and belong to the researcher, and do not represent the positions and opinions of the journal.
    • Not to claim processing or publication fees after receiving acceptance for publication, or to withdraw the research after publication, or to have the research rejected by the reviewers.
    • That the researcher has read and complies with the publication terms and guidelines.